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PAC 3550 PRO portable AC review

An image of the PAC 3550 PRO unit from the side.

PAC 3550 PRO, the only double hosed AC unit I could find in Europe. AC units from Wynther seems to be the best but they only ship inside USA. You might be able to get shipping from USA to Europe or wherever you may live but it will cost a lot and you will need a converter for the electricity outlet and if your AC breaks down you will have to ship it back to USA.

My 23 square meters (247,57 square foot) apartment becomes warm as shit not just in the summer but as early as the spring. Even in early spring it can reach 27C Celsius (80,6 Fahrenheit) and in the summer it reaches around 30 degrees Celsius (86 Fahrenheit) and so it is impossible to sleep. Before the PAC 3550 PRO I have had to wait until around midnight to open the window and use a fan to blow cold air into the apartment to get a chance to fall asleep. But in the summer it can still be too warm outside to make any difference so I have had to deal with sleep deprivation which affects work life and personal life negatively. So I decided to buy an air conditioner.

In November 2019 I looked around for air conditioners and I found out that double hosed air conditioners are the best both for the environment but they are also more effective. The PAC 3550 PRO was the only portable double hosed unit I could find inside of Europe (except for a 4x more expensive unit from the same company) so I decided to order it. First I emailed Trotec (the company that makes PAC) to ask a few questions but I got no reply, so minus points for that. I ordered the unit in November for 5.281,17 Swedish crowns (482 Euro, 525 Dollars) and with the shipping it was 6.200 Swedish crowns (574 Euro, 626 Dollars) I received the unit about a week after I ordered it. Two UPS guys came to my home with the unit and put the unit in the elevator for me. It is big and heavy as shit, it weights around 35KG (78 pounds) so It is not something you can carry for a long time.

It is easy to install, all you have to do is to put the hoses inside of the holes and twist to get them locked in place. Plug in the power cord into an electrical socket and you are ready to go. The first time I tried using it using the cooling mode where it expels warm air and shoots out cold air, it refused to start the cooling mode and was stuck on the fan mode. The reason for this is that the temperature to cool down to was set to something like 23C (73F) and the apartment was already at that temperature or below so the unit will not start the cooling mode since it detects that the surrounding area is already at that temperature.

I have only used it once or twice now and summer has not yet begun so I will return to this post and update more.

It seems really modern and well made though. When you turn it on it beeps in a really nice way and the fans opens up automatically. You also get a remote to control the unit from a distance although I have not used it yet.